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Future Tree Health have provided quality arboricultural advice, planning/development reports & safety assessment services to a wide range of residential and commercial clients since 2015.

Ryan Roche began Future Tree Health in 2015, with a view towards establishing an Arboricultural Consulting Firm & knowledge network for the future of Urban Forestry within Australia. Year on year we continue to grow and expand, with a current network that encompasses Melbourne, Regional Victoria & the Surf Coast & South-East Queensland. In 2023 we will be expanding to include Metropolitan Sydney.

We pride ourselves on our experience and knowledge of the planning industry, tree health and safety, & tree management. We are excited to continue our growth and appreciate your interest in working with us & becoming part of our network.

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Company Values


We aim wherever possible to bring innovative solutions to our business, systems & urban forest management.
What is a Tree Protection Zone?

Future positioned

While we are always learning and improving our knowledge of trees and urban forestry, we are driven to develop deep level knowledge within multiple fields by association, such as planning, construction, design & legislative frameworks.

High integrity

We take our approach and our deliverable work within the urban forestry industry seriously. Our staff are committed to delivering expert and professional assessments, innovative solutions, legislative compliance, experience & knowledge to our client’s projects or urban forest populations.

Network driven

We are constructing an extensive business network to improve the overall collaboration potential of Urban Forestry, development, planning and design within Australia.

Solutions driven

We are passionate on delivering solutions for our clients via collaboration, experience and industry knowledge. Whether within a development framework or regarding urban forest management our clients need professionals who will work collaboratively to achieve the most optimal outcome possible.

Mission statement

As Urban Forest professionals we aim to bring expert solutions and experience to our client’s projects and tree populations. We are committed to providing independent advice and project management in line with modern Arboricultural science, standards, and legislation.


Our vision as Project Arborists is to ensure Australian cities continue to be developed whilst retaining and promoting urban forestry values. We are committed to creating a strong business network to further the expert management and preservation of these urban forests.

Our Valued Network

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