Which Tree Report Do You Need?

Our team of consulting Arborists are ready to assist you with any tree management requirement.

Buying a property

We provide essential advice to property owners and investors on how trees and regulation may affect any future plans for a property.

Development Reports

We provide Impact Assessments, Tree Management Plans, and Arborist supervision for your project. Our expertise is navigating the multitude of council rules and requirements for the planning process and delivering successful outcomes

Safety Audits

We assess small, medium and large commercial sites with tree populations. Typically, our clients engage us on an annual basis to undertake these assessments.

Arb assessments

For both residential and commercial clients, we are experts at dealing with any tree-related issue.

Removal Applications

When property owners wish to remove a tree, even if it’s dangerous, they often need to seek permits from their local council.

Specifically, view the list below to see what reports we offer:

School safety audits. We assess all trees on the site and provide assessments and recommendations using QTRA methodology.

Tree safety audits for small sites, such as fire stations, residential properties or small commercial centres.

Impact assessment for development applications. These reports are a site assessment necessary for a planning permit application. These are needed when a property is being developed in any way. 

Tree protection plan (Tpp). This report is needed after an Impact Assessment has been completed. Once a planning permit is issued, a tree protection plan is often a requirement from council as a condition of the planning permit. This report highlights how to build on the site whilst retaining the trees in a safe and structurally sound manner. A TPP is necessary for sites with neighbouring trees or council trees.

Impact Assessment + Tree Protection Plan. We offer a combined service as a discounted cost to produce both these necessary reports as one document. As council often require a TPP once a planning permit is granted, we can reduce the cost by including this report along with the initial Impact Assessment. This has become a popular product of ours, as it streamlines the process for a reduce price, as well as reducing stress about obtaining the services of an arborist at the last minute once it is realised a TPP is needed.

Project arborist services. For the compliant management of a Tree Protection Plan, a designated Project Arborist is requried. This service involves undertaking the site inductions, during construction sign-offs, as well as post-construction sign-off. As your project arborist we are on call to liaise with council or contractors when needed. 

Project arborist supervision. Many sites require a project arborist onsite during construction near trees when it is taking place inside the Tree Protection Zone. 

Removal application assessment.  For when a tree is planned for removal. Council have local laws in place protecting most trees. Trees need to be demonstrated as dangerous by Arborist assessment methods, or shown to be causing damage to structures. Council always have the final say on granting a removal permit for these. 

Arboricultural assessment. A broad type of report which can cover any tree-related issue. Common assessments include neighbouring trees disputes, VCAT applications, general tree assessments, insurance matters, etc.

Property research reports.  We provide both a streamlined remote service as well as an onsite assessment service for clients buying or selling property. 

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