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We provide essential arborist property research & assessments. Above all, these reports cover how trees and regulation may affect any future plans for buying or selling a property. While without one, you could make the critical mistake of assuming trees are not subject to any laws. In reality, there are almost no local councils without tree controls. As a result, legislation represents a significant knowledge barrier with a high learning curve for property owners. Therefore, to research, find, identify, and understand these is extremely difficult. In any case, misinterpreting laws is much worse.

Property Research Report

We investigate any property you wish to purchase, in any location. This arborist property research report is a simple breakdown of the laws in place. To clarify, we include all the essential information you will find impossible to interpret yourself. Take a look below:

What do we cover with this service?

Property Assessment Report

This report builds upon our Arborist Property Research Report via an on-site Arboricutural Assessment. In reality we can only research so much. Especially where safety is involved, or because specific measurements will determine what is possible with a property due to trees, this assessment becomes essential. Take a look below:

What we cover with this service

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, it’s publicly available, but very hard to find. As a result, to research this as someone who knows nothing about trees and regulation, you will make mistakes. The first will be simply not knowing what to search for. Then, if you do find a relevent law, remember, bureaucrats wrote these to impress other bureaucrats. You’ll be:

1. Frustrated at having to read through it, while feeling like you need a law degree.

2. Anxious you’ve missed a crucial aspect.

3. Annoyed at having wasted your time on this, without clear results to show for it.

Trust us, if you’re doing everything yourself without help, the chances of making a mistake are very high. Get an arborist property research report instead.

Of course. The trouble is, depending on where you are in Australia, a completely different combination of laws can apply to any given property. Due to this, local laws, overlays, bushfire rules, native vegetation offsets, significant trees (local law), significant trees (listed), canopy trees, pruning laws, heritage trees, protected species could apply. It’s a very long list.

To give you an idea, we consult for Arborist companies who actually prune and remove trees daily. Some of these companies have been in business for 30 years. Trust us, these laws are hard to find and understand. 

Arborist Property Research Report = Research & findings

Arborist Property Assessment Report = Research + onsite assessment services. We attend the property in person to assess the trees and therefore can include a more in depth analysis. You may need this service due to safety concerns, or where specific measurements will make or break a development proposal. 

If you are looking to buy a property, especially where there is more than one involved, the Property Research Report is the most cost-effective option & the best to provide clarity you need around laws and property potential. 

For a property where you are concerned about tree safety, or where a specific question can only be answered via measurements, the Property Assessment Report is recommended. 

You can soon purchase these services directly from our website, but for now, the Get A Quote Button works best. If you still have questions, please send an email or give us a call.

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