Commercial Safety Audits

We assess small, medium and large commercial sites with tree populations. Typically, our clients engage us on an annual basis to undertake these assessments. Our approach is to utilise the Quantified Tree Risk Assessment system to provide a numerical, probabilistic assessment of the risk of harm presented by trees. Recommendations are then given for which works are requried.

Whereas a tree company invested in quotations and works has an inherent vested interest in ongoing tree work when assessing a site for safety, as a sole consulting firm, we do not. Our aim for all our clients is to bring the amount of reactive, costly tree works down to zero. Over time with our longer-term clients, we have achieved just this.

We work with small commercial and residential sites, such as Strata Groups (Body Corporate), Fire Stations, Small Businesses, & Pre-schools.

Our medium sites are Primary schools and Secondary Colleges, who are requried to undertake a safety assessment of their tree populations annually.

We also work with larger clients with extensive tree populations, such as golf course, catchment authorities, and music festival venues.

We consider it a great privilege to be tasked with managing these tree populations. With our long-term clients, we have seen incredible results in a promoting tree retention and lowing the cost of unnecessary works over-time. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind that their tree population is being managed in a consistent manner, and trust in our expert mitigation options and experience when dangerous trees are identified.

Frequently Asked Questions

We assess numerous schools as ongoing annual clients and take great pride in providing this essential management service. Aside from identifying key risk factors within the schools tree population, we understand that a schools tree population is integral in providing a multitude of benefits to the school and community.

Historical tree management within schools has traditionally involved a tree company doing a ‘walk around’ and writing up a quotation of works needed. In addition to being a large expense on the school, many of these works are unnecessary and create future management complications.

Our approach to tree management is via the Quantitative Tree Risk Assessment methodology, wherein our ultimate aim is to eventually reduce recommended annual works at a school site down to zero. We have numerous schools and commercial sites within our program where this has been achieved.

Whether you have a single tree or multiple, we have the right approach. Tree reports are a great way of getting concerns documented, for insurance purposes or concerns from neighbours. Depending on your situation, you may need a formal tree report. We also offer informal consultations, where we attend and discuss your property and trees with you.

We have years of experience managing neighbouring disputes due to trees. A formal tree report cuts through the debates and disagreements, allowing a professional perspective on tree-related concerns or damage issues.

Please follow the link below to find pricing for our reports, as well as the booking and payment form. We look forward to working with you!

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