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When property owners wish to remove a tree, even if it’s dangerous, they often need to seek permits from their local council. Local laws ensure this, and are in many municipalities now carrying criminal charges when breached.

When applying for a tree removal application, an Arborist Assessment is essential. We can provide an assessment of your tree/issue, whatever it is.

Questions on tree removal permits from our clients:

In what situation do I have a chance my tree removal permit will be approved by council?

What are some items council will not consider as reasonable reasons to remove a tree?

We assess your site and present all the details of the tree, as well as your case and situation. While we almost always can see things from our clients’ perspectives, the requirements of these reports is they are impartial, providing quality assessments and unbiased judgements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on your council or location, you may require to submit a tree removal application to council. There are many reasons for this. Council have developed policy surrounding tree removal, and are interested in retaining as many trees as possible. Criteria for successful tree removal application to council is always beyond leaf litter, shading or nuisance-related concerns. Our success rate with council usually relies on trees with structural complications, incorrect planting locations, or trees that are/will cause damage to property.

For block sizes exceeding 4000 square metres, we need to accompany your report with a Native Vegetation Removal Report. This is an additional cost.

Our team are Certificate 5 and above qualified arborists. We meet all council requirements as consulting or project arborists.

Yes. We have experience working across almost every council statewide. Our reports meet all council requirements for the removal application process.

We have years of experience managing neighbouring disputes due to trees. A formal tree report cuts through the debates and disagreements, allowing a professional perspective on tree-related concerns or damage issues.

Yes. We attend the site and provide the report to you. We allow our clients to submit their applications to the council, as these often require additional documentation from the client.

Please follow the link below to find pricing for our reports, as well as the booking and payment form. We look forward to working with you!

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