Black Walnut

Early settlers in the USA discovered the Walnut tree growing in mixed forests from Canada to northern Florida and west through the plains. Timber from this tree has become a worldwide favourite and is highly sought after.

Silky Oak

Embark on an exploration of the Silky Oak, a fascinating native of the Australian east coast. Delve into its origin, captivating appearance, intriguing facts, and the care it requires.


In northern Australia, the bright orange flowers of a Royal Poinciana tree heralds the coming of summer, and the start of the storm season.


Common name Blackwood Botanical name Acacia melanoxylon Family Fabaceae Natural range south-east Australia Mature height to 20m Form Fairly upright, can be multi-stemmed Likes Growing anywhere Dislikes Not much Where to plant Timber plantation Known for Attractive timber Blackwood for timber When is Blackwood not ‘black’? That is the question. The answer – unfortunately – is that nobody …

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