QLD Brush Box

Queensland Brush Box

Common name Queensland Brush Box
Botanical name Lophostemon confertus
Family Myrtaceae
Natural range East Coast Australia
Mature height 10-15m; can get to 45m
Form Domed, spreading tree
Likes Shade, soil compaction, water-logging: it’s very tough!
Dislikes Dislikes nothing. Even loves a hard prune by powerline companies.
Where to plant Anywhere you need a bomb-proof tree. But look out for the seeds in bare feet!
Known for Ubiquitous street tree, incredibly dense wood

The Resilient Queensland Brush Box: A Deep Dive

Driving through a major city post-winter storm can feel like navigating a jungle of fallen branches and leaves. But among the chaos, one tree stands tall and unscathed – the Queensland Brush Box. Ubiquitously planted by local councils, this Australian native endures the roughest of storms without batting an eyelid, thanks to its domed, spreading form and robust structure.

The Brush Box in numbers: With a mature height of 10-15m and potential to reach 45m, the Queensland Brush Box thrives in varied conditions. This evergreen tree is tolerant of shade, soil compaction, and waterlogging, making it one of the toughest trees in nature.

How Does the Queensland Brush Box Thrive as a Street Tree?

Councils across Australia have a fondness for the Brush Box, and for good reason. This is a tree that’s practically indestructible – disease, pests, smog, drought, poor drainage – the Brush Box laughs in the face of adversity. It asks for minimal maintenance, and even after a severe prune under powerlines, the tree just continues its growth, unabated.

Did you know? The Brush Box is so robust that it dislikes nothing! Plant it anywhere you need a resilient tree, but watch out for those seeds when walking barefoot.

What Makes the Foliage and Bark Unique?

One look at the Queensland Brush Box, and you can’t help but admire its lush, dense foliage and the bark’s charming salmon tones. Over time, these trees shape a dense, rounded canopy, fitting in perfectly with both native areas and structured plantings inclusive of exotic trees. They serve as an excellent “bridge” between contrasting landscapes.

Gardening tip: When incorporating a Brush Box into your garden, consider pairing it with exotic species for a harmonious blend of native and foreign flora.

Can You Use Lophostemon sp.  Timber?

Yes, and it’s fantastic! The Queensland Brush Box isn’t just an attractive, low-maintenance garden addition. Its timber is incredibly dense and heavy, making it a reliable resource. In all my years of pruning council trees, I’ve never seen a Brush Box drop a limb, barring the occasional run-in with a removal truck. As a result, many consider the Brush Box a ‘safer’ option compared to the unpredictable Eucalyptus.

Fun fact: Brush Box timber’s incredible density makes it a popular choice for heavy-duty applications.

Where Can You Find the QLD Brush Box in the Wild?

In its natural habitat, the Brush Box thrives in the moist open forests of Queensland, where they can reach awe-inspiring heights of 40m or more. An expedition to Fraser Island will allow you to see these rainforest giants reputed to reach 45m. Witnessing these usually urban trees in their natural habitat is indeed a sight to behold.

Travel recommendation: Visiting Fraser Island to witness these trees in their natural glory should be on every nature lover’s bucket list.

How Can You Select the Best Queensland Brush Box for Planting?

Not all Brush Box trees in urban landscapes are of the best quality, as nurseries often face challenges in propagating good stock. If you’re looking to plant your own Brush Box, choose healthy specimens with deep crowns, strong tapered stems, and no stakes. Also, make sure they’re the right size for their containers, and show no evidence of root girdling or other root deformities in the rootball.

Green thumb tip: A well-chosen Queensland Brush Box will reward you with years of hardy growth and minimal maintenance, making it a fantastic addition to any garden or streetscape.

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