Iconic trees, renowned for their architecture, history or appearance

Judas Tree

The Judas trees is a small deciduous specimen, flourishing into a bright pink flowering display during spring, from its twigs, and branches.


Jarrah trees are well known for their stringy fibrous bark and extremely dense hardwood which is commonly used in construction.


In Australia, Boabs are held in high regard by Aboriginal people of the Kimberley Region.  They call this tree ‘Larrkardiy’.

Cork Oak

The Cork Oak tree is responsible for the entire World production of wine corks, and is primarily grown in Portuguese & Spanish plantations.

Weeping Willow

Dive deep into the fascinating world of Willow trees. While they may be aesthetically pleasing, their environmental impact is worth considering.

Melbourne’s Elms

Interesting facts about Elm trees, their global distribution, impressive features, Melbourne’s love for Elms, looming threats, and cultivar options.

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