Common name Avocado
Botanical name Persea americana
Family Lauraceae
Natural range South America
Mature height to 20m
Form Upright with wide canopy
Likes Warm weather
Dislikes Frost and wind
Where to plant Home garden
Known for Spreading on toast!

The Amazing Avocado: An Arborist’s Guide

Curious about where the Avocado comes from? This buttery, delicious fruit, scientifically known as Persea americana, originally hails from Central and South America. However, the avocado’s popularity has seen it being cultivated worldwide as growers scramble to satisfy the ever-increasing demand. You might be surprised to learn that in the height of avocado fever in 2017, over three million snapshots of avocado toast were uploaded to Instagram daily! Read more about the history of avocados.

Interesting Fact: Mexico currently leads the global race in avocado production, contributing about 30% of the world’s annual harvest!

Where Do Avocados Thrive Best?

The Avocado tree, a member of the Lauraceae family, loves warmth. It flourishes in tropical climates characterized by ample yearly rainfall, hot, dry summers, and mild, wet winters. Despite being native to South America, Avocado trees have found a home in numerous regions across the globe. Find out more about where avocados grow best.

Interesting Fact: Avocado trees are not fans of frost and wind, preferring a balmy, stable environment.

What Are the Best Avocado Varieties for Australia?

If you’re considering growing Avocados in Australia, the choice of variety is crucial. For tropical areas, the Walden variety is a great choice, while the Hazzard variety thrives in warmer temperatures. The Pinkerton is another versatile option, setting fruit over a wide range of climatic conditions. Check out more avocado varieties suitable for Australia.

Interesting Fact: Despite their popularity, traditional supermarket varieties like Hass and Fuerte are not ideal for the average home gardener due to their requirement for deep, well-drained soil.

How Do You Grow Avocados at Home?

Thinking about planting an Avocado tree in your home garden? Be mindful that these trees have specific growing needs. They enjoy warm weather and require deep, well-drained soil, typically around 4-5m deep. It’s crucial to provide these conditions to ensure a healthy, fruit-bearing tree. Learn more about growing avocados at home.

Interesting Fact: An Avocado tree can reach up to 20m in height, so make sure you’ve got plenty of space!

How Does Avocado Ripening Work?

Just like bananas, avocados are a ‘climacteric fruit’. This means they mature on the tree but ripen off it. Commercial avocados are usually picked when they are hard and green, then kept in coolers until they reach their destination, where they will ripen to perfection. Discover more about the ripening process of avocados.

Interesting Fact: Avocados used in commerce are picked hard and green and kept in coolers until they reach their final destination.

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